2. Installing the Activation Key & Required Plugins

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Activating the Theme

Once the Church Theme is installed you will need to active the theme with your license key. 

The license key provides access to future updates and new features. Whenever we release an updated version of the theme, you will be notified in the WordPress admin that an update is available for download. You'll need to have your theme activated with the license key in order to receive update notifications.

In the WordPress admin, hover over " Appearance" and select "Theme License."

Saving Your License Key

You should have received your license key at the time of purchasing the theme. The key was also sent in the order confirmation email. The key will be a long string of numbers, such as: aef7fc44b4a614d4b1f1ee8301249c3f.

Copy your key and paste it into the License Key field. Then click, "Save Changes." You key will be activated and you should see text indicating, "License key is active. Lifetime License."

Installing Required Plugins

You might have noticed a yellow notification at the top of your screen. This message is informing us that there are required plugins and recommended plugins that need to be installed. Click the " Begin installing plugins" link to get started.

Select the checkbox beside each plugin and choose " Install" from the drop down at the top of the list. Now click "Apply." This will begin the automatic installation process. Once that is complete, make sure all of the plugins are activated. If any of the plugins need to be activated, simply click "Activate" beneath the plugin's name.

Required Plugins:

  • Bean Shortcodes: This plugin adds layout functionality to the WordPress editor. It allows you to create, buttons, columns of text, accordions, tabs, and a lot more.
  • Timber: Timber is a special templating language used in the development of the theme. After activating this plugin you won't have to ever touch it again. It ensures that your theme us using the latest development technology.

Recommended Plugins:

  • Instagram Widget by WPZOOM: The Instagram widget will be used to integrate the social media platform with the site. If your church isn't currently using Instagram you can ignore this recommended plugin.

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